Battle of the foundations

Hey dolls!

So, for my first post I thought I’d talk about a beauty product most of us feel incomplete without, the base of our face – foundation! Well not the absolute base, that would be our primer ladies! Anyway, I’ve gone through so many different makeup brands trying to find that complete holy grail, and I must say I have come across some amazing must haves that I just have to tell you about. You have probably heard about all these, but my aim is to try my very best to give my honest opinion of the pro’s and con’s of each product, and which one I think is the best. Without further ado, lets get right into it!



Girls and boys, boys and girls… First up is my go to foundation, Mac prolongwear.  This foundation is just lovely. It feels light on the skin, it is quite easy to blend, and gives a natural, beautiful and bronzed finish. Who doesn’t love a good sun kissed skin look? As this is a medium coverage foundation, it’s not extremely heavy on the face, and so it can be appropriately used with your every day makeup routine during the day – as well as for your party nights at the club! This is a great alternative if you’re looking for a full coverage foundation but don’t want to look super cakey. I find this covers all my little blemishes so well!

This product claims to be:

Long wearing (15 hours), transfer resistant, oil- free, provides stay-true colour, sweat and humidity resistant, photo – friendly, dermatologist tested, ophthalmologist tested, and suitable for all skin types.

I approve of every claim, except that it is photo – friendly. I find that the foundation does  give a bit of flash back in photos, but it’s not too bad. Also, it doesn’t stay completely intact for 15 hours like it says it will. Its nothing major though, 1 touch up through out the day and you’re back to being fabulous. Over all I score this 8/10!

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I am a sucker for the packaging and design of products, and I have to say this foundation is so pretty! It comes in a sheer glass cuboid shaped bottle, and I really like how the font is layed out across the whole thing. Very nice for displaying. Now onto the actual foundation, NARS cosmetics claims that 92% of people have felt that this particular product provided coverage without masking, 93% thought it felt weightless, 90% said that it felt comfortable and breathable. It also claims to have up to 16 hours of wear.

I personally liked this foundation, but I didn’t love it. I guess maybe that’s because I got it when all the hype was around it, so I was expecting quite a lot from it. I’ll start with what I liked about the product. I love how rehydrating it feels, it is VERY light on the skin, so light that sometimes you forget you’re even wearing foundation. The consistency is different, it’s almost water like. I got a lot of compliments when wearing this foundation, I feel that it gives a natural flawless skin look, and looks beautiful in pictures. On the down side, I don’t think this foundation lasts that long on the skin. I would say I had to touch up at least twice a day as it fades away within 5 or so hours of wearing it. It claims to be a full coverage foundation, but I would say its a medium coverage. It is a great foundation for natural looks, and I score it a 7/10.

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Every time I put this foundation on I get completely obsessed all over again! It is AMAZING. I’m normally quite hesitant towards stick foundations, I thought it would be difficult to blend but boy was I wrong! So the claims are that it’s suitable for all skin types, the most versatile foundation yet. It contains a blend of emollients like olive extracts and shea butter (and locks it in), so skin stays looking smooth and soft all day. Light diffusing powders and oil-controlling minerals help perfect the appearance of skin while reducing shine.

I have to agree with every claim! I would say this is a full coverage foundation, its almost like you’ve got new skin on, but without looking like you’ve put a wod of cement on your face. It gives a gorgeous finish, leaving you with a natural glow and looking bronzed. A little goes a long way with this, so there is no need to use that much of the product. I find that at the end of the day when I get home and look in the mirror, I am mesmerized by how perfect my skin still looks! I can’t really think of a con with this one, just that when you’re first applying it, it does feel a little bit thick. But it blends in beautifully. Over all, this is a 9/10 for me!

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This one is quite pricey, but bloody amazing! I love it. Simply love it. It comes with a concealer at the top of the bottle, and the general design of it is beautiful. Lancome claims that this foundation offers an even and flawless looking complexion, the skin looks visibly improved, its texture looks refined, dark spots and imperfections appear reduced and pores look minimised.

I can’t disagree with any of it. Amazing,  right? The consistency is very similar to the NARS cosmetics luminous weightless foundation. It feels very water based. It’s light on the skin, and allows the skin to breathe whilst covering any imperfections you may have. It gives the most GORGEOUS glow. I look naturally highlighted all over, like a glazed donut. With all these factors, it still manages to look natural, and un-cakey. That’s why I love it. Similarly to the BobbiBrown foundation, by the end of the day I still look flawless with it. I score this a 9/10.

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This is a full coverage foundation and it does exactly as it says. It claims to provide water proof, non-transferable coverage, and deliver a completely natural appearance to the skin. I agree with all claims, except that it gives a natural look. Now, hands down this covers any blemishes and acne scars the best no doubt. It’s completely full coverage. This foundation lasts the entire day, and is definitely non-transferable. It’s a bit difficult to take off with makeup wipes alone, so when I cleanse my face I take a bit more time after wearing this.

It has a matte finish… maybe a bit too matte. When applying it at first it does appear a bit cakey, which I don’t like. I go for a natural yet re-defined finish. It is also a bit drying. I have to moisturise my skin before applying my makeup a lot more than usual. It feels as though I am wearing a mask at first. I score this an 8/10, but had this had not been so dry and matte it could of been a 10/10!

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winner is.png

So ladies and gents, I must say all these foundations are amazing and do the job, BUT in conclusion I announce the best foundation to be… BobbiBrown skin foundation stick AND Lancome Teint Visionnaire! Sorry – I couldn’t pick one! The only reason I did not vote these products a 10/10 is because I guess in an ideal world I would want it to look exactly how it looks the second I apply it, through out the entire day. I have normal skin type, olive skin, and this is perfect for me!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my review on these amazing products. Until next time… stay blessed and beautiful dolls!

Caroline xox